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Cup of Coffee


How many menu drinks are offered in my package?

We offer up to 4 drinks of your choice that can be offered at your event. Choose from our menu of drinks or set up a tasting for an additional cost 

What area do you serve?

We currently serve the Chicagoland area

How many people can this cart serve?

It really depends on the drinks you would like served to your guests. Our nitrogen cold brew and frappuccinos are drinks that can be quickly prepared in comparison to our lattes.We also offer a self serve coffee station that your guests can serve themselves quality hot coffee. We want to be able to serve you regardless of your size so reach out so we can find what will work best for your event!

Do you offer anything besides coffee beverages?

Yes! We can add Chai tea, Matcha or Hot chocolate to your package for your guests that aren't coffee lovers. 

Do you offer any specialty alcoholic espresso beverages?

At this time we do not offer any alcoholic espresso beverages.

However, currently we do offer a chocolate espresso mocktail & affogato (vanilla ice cream drowned in espresso) 

Do you offer any pastries or desserts?

At this time we only offer beverages  

Should I set up a tasting?

Set up a tasting if:

  • If you can't decide between drinks 

  • If you want to feel more confident in us to serve your guest amazing drinks

  • Or So you can know what to expect as we will bring the cart to you and show you our set up

- Tastings are available to serve 2 guests for the cost of 100. You can add additional tasters for $50. You can taste up to 6 drinks from our menu 

What are the custom cups or stencil designs? 

When you book with us we will serve your guest using our branded Holy Brews cups however, we can get you personalized cups for your next event! For our cold cups we offer clear cups with your added name (ex. The Smith's, A & J, A+J, etc.) or whatever you'd like it to say

For Hot cups we will have plain white cups added with your name or event name 

For stencils we can add initials (ex. A+J) to cold foam or steamed milk

Is there a downpayment?

Yes we ask for a downpayment of 25% of the total paid at the time of booking. The rest to be paid in full two weeks before your event date





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